Dakar Rally Yearbook

The Dakar Rally Yearbook is ‘the’ work of reference for all fans and lovers of “Le Dakar”. A yearbook in which we present the best pictures and copy write about the latest and internationally renown off road rally.

Teams that have concluded agreements with the DAKAR PRESS TEAM may benefit from dedicated full size pages paying full attention to their own exploits and achievements.

Since its first publication in 2005, it appeared that the Dakar yearbook is a perfect gift for business relations and friends. On special demand, you can also customize your own copies, please contact us.

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‘Freedom of sand’

Proud and with confidence, the Dakar heroes present themselves on to the public in Jeddah. They are ready for a new rally adventure. However, it will be a Dakar Rally full of drama, personal suffering and sand. Ok, euphoria and highlights are sure. Yet, the toughest rally in the world, for the edition of 2021 is mainly heavy, due to endless dunes the Saudi landscape has to offer.

A great adventure, beautifully displayed in book form, filled with stunning pictures. The most complete Dakar book in the world!

‘3rd Chapter’

‘The inferno’

The Inferno
Heat, Storm, Fesh-Fesh, Mud and other hardships!
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“Dakar the ultimate Challenge”
“Dakar, the ultimate challenge. Proud and confident, here are the heroes of our time, the champions of Dakar, all present around New Year’s Day at the departure in Buenos Aires, facing their enthusiastic public. They are ready for a sporty fight, ready for the struggling and harsh conditions of extremely challenging off road tracks through the Argentinian pampas and fesh fesh.


Mega tough was the mostly dusty 36th edition of Le Dakar, which was run for the seventh time in Latin America last January. The motorbikes, quads, cars and trucks set off from the Argentine capital Buenos Aires. After four stages of competition on the sweltering hot Argentine plains, they made the crossing through the Andes Mountains to Chile. There the whole peloton visited, among others, the driest place on earth: the Atacama desert. After that, they made a short detour to Bolivia and back through the Andes to finally finish in Buenos Aires. A great adventure, beautifully presented in book form, packed with beautiful photos.


In the 6th edition of Le Dakar in Latin America, the course is extended to the inhospitable areas of Bolivia. The start is in Rosario, Argentina. The finish is in the Chilean Valparaiso. All ingredients are present to test the contestants, but also their vehicles, to the limit.


Le Dakar 2013 starts on 5 January in Lima, Peru. The first 5 stages will be held in Peru. In a beautiful desert landscape, the participants have a particularly tough time. After a short stay in Chile, the convoy crosses the Andes Mountains to continue its journey in Argentina. There the participants have to deal with heavy rainfall, but also with extremely high temperatures. Mountain paths turn into mud rivers, which are almost impossible to cross. During the rest day in Tucuman everyone can catch their breath. The damage is assessed, but the journey is soon resumed.

Meanwhile, the temperature has risen to 50 degrees Celsius. After the stage in Fiambala the Andes mountains are crossed for the second time, with breathtaking views. The next day the rally starts in Chile, in the by now familiar Copiapo. More desert with heavy sand dunes are on the programme. Eventually, the 2013 rally finishes in Santiago, where only half of the starters will be honoured on the podium in the Chilean capital on 20 January.


This beautiful collection of footage tells you the story of the rally, which started last year in Mar del Plata, Argentina, found its way through rugged Chile and then ended in Peru’s capital Lima. Roughly half of the contestants managed to reach the finish line of this gruelling rally.


For three weeks the DakarPress Team crossed Argentina and Chile for the Dakar Rally 2011. During this short time the team members travelled more than ten thousand kilometres in two Toyota Land Cruisers specially prepared for the rally. Twice they have braved the impressive heights of over five thousand metres in the Andes. And for days on end, they endured temperatures above 50 degrees Celsius in the driest and hottest desert in the world: the Atacama Desert. A moment’s rest? No way. The courage, determination and team spirit of all the DakarPress Team members and the people around them were impressive.


Dakar 2010 will go down in history as the most beautiful Dakar rally ever and this is clearly reflected in the magnificent photography in the yearbook. Read the story in the book and it is as if you are experiencing the rally yourself. For the second time – In het spoor naar Dakar – is published bilingually (Dutch-English). Edition with luxury hard cover.



The Dakar rally as it should be, on the African continent. For the time being, Le Dakar 2007, which starts in Lisbon, Portugal, and finishes in Dakar, Senegal, will be the last one in Africa. The special culture and fascinating nature are the scene of a very tough rally. But a rally that many Dakar participants will remember with nostalgia.


The Dakar rally is driven, from Lisbon to Dakar. Erica Terpstra writes the foreword.

Quote from the foreword by Erica Terpstra

“Every human being has dreams. Dreams about happiness, wealth, far journeys and many other inspiring things. I too had a dream, unfortunately one that seemed unattainable. Still, I shared my dream with a journalist once in a while. One thing led to another and one morning I read my own dream in the newspaper. I smiled and dreamed on. Because participating in the Dakar Rally would never become reality.

Fortunately, there are people who believe in dreams. People who do not accept that something is impossible and go looking for the possibilities. Of course, they realise as no other that taking part in the toughest rally in the world is quite a challenge. A challenge that is impossible for me to achieve in the short term. But still, they sought contact with me. They had an idea. Because participating in the rally may be impossible, but experiencing the rally is possible! Before I realised what was happening, my ticket to Lisbon had been booked and my accommodation in Portimao arranged. I was off to the start of the rally!”


Le Dakar 2005 starts in Barcelona in Spain and finishes in Dakar. A press team has been specially put together for this rally, with the aim of producing “content”. But also to provide media partners. Thanks to the pleasant cooperation with AD-Sportwereld, it has been possible to publish this first, but above all unique Dakar Rally Yearbook.

The press team follows the Dutch and Belgians in the rally, which runs from Barcelona to Dakar City. During the rally, a selection of photos was sent daily via satellite for press publication.