Both parties commit to a media contract. This contract describes the agreements made with you regarding the delivery of publication and photographic material, made by the members of the Dakar Press Team (from now on referred to as DPT):

  • We will supply you with photographic material of the start-number the contract concerns after the rally has ended (approximately 3 to 5 pictures per day);
  • The mentioned price is for one start-number;
  • U have the right to publish the photographic material on your web-site and/or social media;
  • We will supply a selection of the photos of the relevant start-number to the media partners of DPT; (Overview can be found on
  • The obligation of DPT to continue to produce the photo coverage ends when the relevant start-number officially leaves the rally pre-maturely;
  • The photo coverage made by DPT is copyright protected;
  • The photographic material is provided to news media for use in editorials;
  • We provide you with the rights to use the photographic material for press publications, or for you to supply the material to third party for the use in press publications;
  • All prices include VAT and are to be paid within a 14 day payment period.

The Green Team Terms and Conditions are applicable. These will be supplied on request to contract partners and can be found on

Please contact us for pricing